A much-needed initiative to minimise waste with sustainable solutions

Mumbai, Jan 10 (IANS): As one of the biggest music festivals in the world – Lollapalooza gears up for its maiden edition in India, it also aims to bring along sustainable and environment-friendly measures to minimise wastage.

Through #LollaForChange, the festival will take up sustainable measures right from set-up, production all the way until showtime on January 28 and January 29, 2023.

Mumbai is India’s most populous city so it becomes imperative to cut down on the wastage from the high footfall of festival-goers. The festival will be working with waste management platform, Skrap to execute a ‘zero waste to landfill’ goal for the festival reducing and eventually diverting more than 90 per cent of the waste away from the landfills. Waste segregation stations will be set up across the venue at Mahalaxmi Race Course, which will enable fans to segregate their waste while disposing.

‘Trash Talk’ volunteers will guide festival attendees on the waste segregation process at key waste generation areas including the Lolla Food Park.

The waste will be segregated into more than 15 categories including items such as paper, plastic, cans, glass bottles, cardboard, food scraps, compostable plates, e-waste and more. All biodegradable and recyclable waste will then be transported to composting facilities or dry waste centres for further processing.

Food waste often serves as a downer at the music festivals. However, to curb the food waste, edible foods will be collected and shared with local NGOs and low-income communities at the end of each of the two days of the festival. Excess foods will be collected in special containers and food-grade bags which will then be sent to food donation locations for further distribution to underprivileged beneficiaries.

Additionally, reusable cups made from crop waste will also be distributed at the festival venue, these will come with limited discounts and will be available at all bars at the festival. There will also be a water execution plan towards reducing usage of plastic bottles for water consumption at the festival. The Water Stations at the venue will provide free water for all consumers carrying their own water bottle while those who aren’t carrying any bottles can purchase a reusable glass with a partial refund to the consumer upon return of the purchased glass.

Lollapalooza India, headlined by the likes of Imagine Dragons, AP Dhillon, The Strokes and Diplo, is promoted and co-produced by BookMyShow. The festival is set to be held at the Mahalaxmi Race Course, Mumbai on January 28 and January 29, 2023.


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