‘Better than a male host’: Jackson Wang lets fans caress his shirtless body in Thai concert, Entertainment News

Jackson Wang’s impeccable fan service had him serving up his firm abs to fans, with a side of excellent music.

In multiple social media posts beginning last Friday (Nov 25), fans shared videos and photographs of the singer allowing fans to touch his shirtless body at his Magic Man concert in Thailand.

In one video, the 28-year-old singer star, who made his showbiz debut in the K-pop boy band Got7, walked up to concert-goers with a bottle in hand before climbing up on the barricade dividing fans from the stage.

Spreading his arms out, he shouted: “I love you! I love you, Thailand!”

Fans responded to his declaration with cheers and screams, while those in his vicinity reached out fanatically to caress his chiseled body.

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“It’s Magic Man, not Magic Mike,” one user commented on a TikTok video, referring to Channing Tatum’s movie where the latter plays a male stripper in a strip club.

Jackson was in Bangkok, Thailand from last Friday to Sunday for his world tour. He will also be performing in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, London, Paris and Dubai.

Jackson recently improved the entitlements for VIP ticket-holders in Bangkok — from group photographs to one-to-one pictures — following complaints from some about how the tickets were too expensive


He seemed to have reciprocated with a little extra for the fans who forked out a larger sum to get tickets closest to the stage.

And that wasn’t the only instance of fan service in his performances.

Jackson also invited one female fan per day onto the stage, where he would hold her hand, wrap her hands around his waist and shoulders and let her lie on his chest while he performed.

In one dance segment, he also seated a fan on stage with him and a few other dancers moving around her.

He then finished his dance with a solo performance in front of the fan, before taking her hand and guiding her away from the seat to other parts of the stage.

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“He is even better than a male host,” said one fan on social media.

Many comments also expressed jealousy as they wished they could be lucky enough to get a one-to-one experience with Jackson.

“My life would be complete, if that was me,” a TikTok user said.

Another also wrote, garnering over a thousand likes: “My toxic trait is thinking that could be me.”

Jackson also shared his thoughts on the first performance of his world tour in an Instagram post on Friday.

“Thank you for coming to witness my life story. I hope you took something home through this show today. I care about you all, love you all and cherish you all as my audience, friends, family and loved ones,” Jackson wrote. 

“I hope you all can be proud of yourselves in your own fields. Love you to the extreme, Thailand.”

Perhaps Jackson will share a similar level of love with the audience here in Singapore when he performs on Dec 23 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

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