Griffin Hale, a Colorado inventor, is taking music to the next level

Colorado is known for innovation. The teddy bear was invented here, as were Jolly Ranchers. Now one Colorado inventor is taking music to the next level.

Griffin Hale


Griffin Hale is an aerospace engineer. When he was using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for a back injury, he came up with the idea of turning music into electrical pulses.

“I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be really cool to be able to feel music?'” Hale told CBS News Colorado.

He developed a device that turns music into electro stimulation, which runs into electrodes on a mannequin. Anyone who holds the hands of the mannequin can feel the music.


Shine Music Festival

“We take an audio signal, condition it real time and stimulate your muscles and nerves to the music,” Hale explained.

Hale calls the device Full Body Sound, and he debuted it at the Shine Music Festival in 2021. Shine Music Festival is designed to make the music festival experience accessible in every way.

“Music is for everyone, and we want to include everyone,” Hale said.



Two college students tried the technology while CBS News Colorado was taping.

“That is so interesting. That is so cool. It’s like your hand has a heartbeat,” said one of the young women while holding the mannequin’s hands.

“It’s like when your hand falls asleep and you can feel the static,” said the other young woman.  

Hale is still in the beta testing phase with Full Body Sound, but he hopes to bring it to market eventually.

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