How to make your music festival poster with Spotify

It seems like everyone is posting the same thing to social media right now: a personalized music festival poster.

So, what is it?

It comes from a fun new web app called Instafest, created by USC Computer Sciences student Anshay Saboo.

Courtesy: Instafest

The app lets you log in with your Spotify account and pulls your listening history.

Then, it generates a personalized music festival poster with your top artists across three days.

The site also generates a “Basic” score to let you know how specialized your music tastes are.

The process seems safe enough since you’re not actually handing over your Spotify credentials to Instafest. However, once you’re done having fun with the poster generator you can revoke access to the site by going to Spotify’s Manage Apps page and clicking Remove Access.

If you use Apple Music, don’t despair, the developer says he’s working on that integration next.

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