Inauguration of Lula: See what Janja is preparing for January 1st

Future first lady Janja took over the organization of Lula’s inauguration ceremony and the Festival of the Future, an all-day event on Sunday. (Image: Facebook/ Lula)

Ministers announced, now the president-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva can prepare for the ceremony possession, which is scheduled for Sunday, January 1st. And who is in charge of organizing the event is the first lady Janja.

the wife of Lula invited artists to perform at the inauguration party and is attentive to all details of the ceremony.

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She published a video on her Twitter, showing how the two stages will be distributed – named after Gal Costa and Elza Soares, two singers who died in 2022 – of the so-called Festival of the Future.

“It’s a joy to share this for the first time with you because the day we dreamed of is finally coming and everything is taking shape,” he wrote.

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On Instagram, the future first lady wrote that “everything is taking shape with great care and safety so that we can have a great popular party on this historic day” and took the opportunity to show the assembly of the Elza Soares stage.

The structure of the stages refers to the flag of Brazil.


In all, 62 artists have already confirmed their presence at Festival do Futuro. Among them are Pabllo Vittar, Chico César, Margareth Menezes, Martinho da Vila, Zélia Duncan and Baiana System.

A month ago, Janja had already confirmed 20 names.

The number of attractions was so great that the inauguration party was named “Lulapalooza” on social media, referring to the Lollapalooza music festival.

The shows start at 10 am and will be interrupted at 1 pm for the protocol ceremony – oath to the Constitution, going up the Planalto Palace ramp, passing the banner and parade. Musical performances will resume at 6:30 pm.

The stages will have screens installed so that the public can follow the protocol events.

See the announcement about the inauguration party

Who is Janja?

At the age of 56, sociologist Rosângela da Silva has been active in left-wing militancy for 39 years and married Lula on May 18 of this year.

Unlike the “beautiful, demure and homely” model, which was once the motto that described the role of the first ladies of Brazil, after going viral in 2016 with testimonials from Marcela Temer, Janja wants to “reframe this concept of first lady” in the country, as she said at a campaign event.

The militant still has not clearly defined what her projects will be, once in Brasília, but she indicated some themes that she considers important, such as food insecurity and the domestic violence. See the first lady’s full profile here.

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