Coachella 2023: Here are the best and worst things about the most happening music festival in California


Coachella 2023 turned out to be a ground from which many rounds of activity made surprising headlines that the audience never expected, such as Shawn Mendes getting back together with Camila Cabello, Justin Bieber taking Frank Ocean’s side, which is taking over the internet, Leonardo DiCaprio arriving with model Irina Shayk amidst Maya Jama rumours, and ending with Kendall Jenner making her appearance with her boyfriend, with whom the relationship is going pretty strong, leading to a whole bunch of headlines with just 2 days of the music festival.

With the best came the worst experience at Coachella 2023, and to have a run-through of what it was, here is a jotted-down list of what were the 5 best things about the music party, which will be cherished and spoken about widely, and what were the other 5 moments, which were mood-turning down points at the music festival in California.

1. MUNA’s performance was the perfect blend of the evening.

On Friday afternoon, MUNA performed a dynamic concert at the Mojave Music and Arts Festival that featured hits including “Stayaway,” “Number One Fan,” and “What I Want,” which was earlier rated as the 12th greatest song of 2022.

2. Blink-182’s performance with Tom DeLonge was the mood-setter.

Fans were in for a great surprise on Friday afternoon when Blink-182 performed because they weren’t on Coachella’s original lineup. Tom DeLonge had just formally rejoined the band. (He departed in 2015, but they got back in touch after Mark Hoppus, the band’s main vocalist, was given a cancer diagnosis in 2021.)

3. Do LaB took over the stage.

This year, Do LaB, a more intimate venue that focuses on dance and electronic music, recruited a diverse group of performers to do surprise DJ sets, including James Blake on Friday and ODESZA on Saturday.

4. Charli XCX’s explosive performance

Despite performing sooner than she should have on Saturday, Charli XCX controlled the main stage.

The Icona Pop duet “I Love It” still rocks harder than ten years after its release, and Charli XCX had the feel of a headliner even with the heat still burning in the sky owing to her hot girl dance, hit-filled set list, and a Troye Sivan appearance in 1999.

5. BLACKPINK’s performance was the star of the music festival.

The schedule of events for Saturday was specifically created for pop girls, with BLACKPINK hitting the stage following Rosala.

The trio wowed the crowd at the event with their elegance and ease, executing difficult choreography flawlessly and energising them with tunes like “Pink Venom” and “Lovesick Girls.”

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The turned-down point of the Coachella 2023 Music Festival

1. Technical errors lead to dull moments.

The majority of Coachella’s technological difficulties this year seem to be pinned on Bad Bunny. He unexpectedly invited Post Malone on stage, but their duet was wrecked by audio issues.

2. The late arrival of the singers: BLACKPINK and Calvin Harris were late to the stage for 30 minutes.

Harry Styles and Billie Eilish experienced severe delays on Saturday, in contrast to the previous year when they both performed on time.

Even though it may not seem like much of a wait when you’ve been standing all day and know that it would likely take you hours to go home, waiting for half an hour seems like a lifetime.

3. Frank Ocean, delayed by an hour, had to cut down on his performance.

The reason for Ocean’s delay has been the subject of conflicting reports, with some claiming that he changed his stage setup at the last minute, causing the festival staff to melt down a ready-to-use ice skating rink that he no longer wanted to use, while others assert that a sprained ankle forced him to rethink the performance.

4. Blurred visibility from the main stage screen leads to poor visual representation.

The main stage at Coachella hosts all of the headliners, which stinks since it provides the worst atmosphere for attendees

Similar in size to the Sahara and Outdoor Theatre, these stages are built differently to provide for greater vantage points and higher elevations.

5. The increase price for common foods and beverages were disappointing.

This holds true for many music festivals, but from the viewpoint of a festival aficionado, Coachella seems to hold true more so.

The cost of a single Heineken is $15, not including tax or tip. We spent $45 on the straightforward lunch shown above, which included two hot dogs and two orders of french fries.

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