Michigander’s journey from house shows to Nashville headliner


Picture this: You’re a music-loving teenager in the mid-2000s without Internet. No iTunes store. No MySpace playlists. No tastemaking music blogs.

What do you do? Hit up the local library, of course.

For Jason Singer, the indie rock singer-songwriter known today by his stage name Michigander, stacks of CDs at his library proved a gateway to crafting a soundtrack of essential teenage tunes. Growing up near Midland and Saginaw, Michigan, Singer sifted through titles from Norah Jones and John Mayer to find albums by Death Cab For Cutie, Yellowcard and Dashboard Confessional, flag-waving “cool” bands of the time.

“You could rent CDs from other libraries and they ship ’em in,” Singer told The Tennessean. “I would just burn copies of them. I had a whole little binder. I ended up putting them on all Dell laptop. That was all I had.”

Michigander’s Jason Singer, at Living Waters Brewing in Nashville , Tenn., Wednesday, March 22, 2023.

Safe to say, Singer’s come a long way since smuggling copies of Coldplay CDs onto his hard-drive. Despite a stage name signaling his Midwestern upbringing, Singer now lives in Nashville — where he’s making waves as one of the city’s can’t-miss upcoming rock acts. Earlier this year, he released “It Will Never Be The Same,” an EP cut inside Los Angeles’ famed Sunset Sound studio; on Saturday, Singer wraps a headlining North American tour — which took him to sold-out shows in Washington, D.C. and Detroit — inside newly-reopened Rock Block haunt Exit/In.

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