R-Rated Horror Ride Planned for Disney World

If you’ve been to the Magic Kingdom at any time in the last couple of months, you’ll notice that many changes are coming to Tomorrowland. With TRON’s recent takeover, the area is shedding it’s retro-futuristic vibes in favor of something more sleek and streamlined. However, that might not be the only slice of sci-fi coming to the Walt Disney World Resort.

Stitch poses for ITM
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Disney has their Mickey mitts in a lot of pies these days, and they’ve been incorporating more and more IP as their empire grows. As Tomorrowland slowly transitions into a more modern interpretation of the future, Disney is changing much of the surrounding attractions to fit the vibe, including a spot where a certain blue alien has been known to hang out.

Alien Encounters at Disney World

Stitch arriving in the tube, an alien stuck in the tube
Credit: Disney

Stitch is one of Disney’s most beloved creations, but his presence at the Parks has been dwindling since 2020. His Meet and Greet area, formerly Stitch’s Great Escape, is set to become a pop-up shop location, but what are Disney’s plans after? Some Disney Park Guests already have a few suggestions.

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Before Stitch staked his claim, the area was home to ExtraTERRORestrial: Alien Encounter, a fully-immersive experience that locked Guests in a room with a hostile alien life form. It was considered Disney’s most terrifying attraction, and its reputation was part of the reason it was closed and “Stitched” back open. If that description sounds like something involving Sigourney Weaver, a derelict spacecraft, and a face-eating creature, it’s not a coincidence.

Ripley and the xenomorph in Alien 3
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During the attraction’s developmental stages, Disney wanted to create something inspired by Ridley Scott’s Alien that put Guests aboard the Nostromo with Ripley and had them facing off against the movie’s titular monster. Dubbed “Nostromo,” the experience was intended to be an action-packed simulator that had Guests fighting off the Xenomorph.

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Bloody Disgusting describes the scrapped project by writing,

“Nostromo would’ve enlisted guests on a rescue mission into the alien-infested spacefreighter of the same name. Boarding APCs, brave tourists would take aim at the Xenomorph hordes with appropriately heavy artillery mounted to their seats.”

Now that Disney owns the rights to Fox, they own the Alien franchise as well. While the idea that Disney would utilize such a gory sci-fi/horror classic in a place as wonderful and whimsical as the Magic Kingdom might sound ludicrous to some, keep in mind that Disney already has the means, space, and fanbase to make this work.

Disney Magazine shows Alien ride
Credit: D23

A recent Reddit post had Guests describing what they’d like to see happen to the former location of Stitch’s Great Escape. While many of them wanted to see a return of ExtraTERRORestrial, others wrote how this could also be the perfect opportunity to bring the original idea to life.

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Disney already has a few Xenomorph animatronics left over from The Great Movie Ride, and the company rarely throws anything away. For all we know, the creatures are lying in some warehouse waiting to attack a new generation of Guests. With rumors of an adaptation of Alien: Isolation coming, things are definitely looking a bit too convenient for the company not to try this.

Would you have ridden “Nostromo” or faced a Xenomorph head-on? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!


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