Who Is Lil Durk White’s Baby Momma? The Rapper’s

Popular rapper and singer Lil Durk has been making a name for himself in the hot industry for a while now. He is also a skilled songwriter who went on to release debut studio albums titled Lil Durk 2X and Remember My Name. The rapper is all set with his brand new album, which is already creating a buzz on social media. 

After he parted ways with record company Def Jam Recordings, Lil Durk later released his mixtape called Just Cause Y’all Waited and later signed on a new deal with another recording label called Alamo Records. In 2022, the artist made headlines after he suffered from several injuries at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. Lil Durk has often grabbed media attention for his tumultuous personal life as well.

Who Is Lil Durk White’s Baby Momma?

It has been reported that Lil Durk White has several baby mommas. While the identity of all these women is not known yet as the rapper intends to keep it all away and is notoriously private about his life away from the limelight, one of the baby mommas is Nicole Covone—the two share two children together, namely Angelo and Bella.

Lil Durk White’s Baby Momma
Who is Lil Durk White’s Baby Momma? (Credits: Complex)

However, after Bella was born, the former pair went their separate ways. Not only that, but Nicole seemed to have a cryptic message for her former baby daddy when she claimed that the rapper should maintain his distance from social media and should focus on doing better as a father.

This statement came after Lil Durk went on a rant in 2016, stating that he wanted to take all their kids away from their mothers and raise them in his mansion. Nicole seemingly defended Lil Durk’s name and further stated that she didn’t know what was going on with the rapper at that moment.

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Lil Durk’s Baby Momma Makes Shocking Revelation!

It seems like the rapper’s alleged baby momma, who reportedly gave birth to their son a while ago, went on to reveal how Lil Durk does not support the kid financially. This woman named Travonna came forward, claiming that seven years ago, when their son was born, the rapper was not a famous name in the industry, and it was Travonna who used to take him to studios and help him.

She went on to say that the rapper’s claims of how he looks after all his kids are not true as their son does not get any kind of financial help, and on the other hand, Lil Durk costs about living a lavish life. Travonna has also claimed that she is not in contact with the artist.

Lil Durk is reportedly dating India Royale, with whom the rapper has been in an on-off relationship from 2017 onwards. It has also been reported that the rapper has already popped the question back in 2021. He proposed to his lady love on stage during his Chicago concert while saying how Royale managed to hold him down when he was going through a lot while calling her the most real of all.

Is Lil Durk Dropping New Album?

It seems like popular rapper Lil Durk is all set to drop his brand new forthcoming album titled Almost Healed. The newest album that is releasing this May is reportedly going to have a collaboration with J Cole, which fans earlier speculated when footage featuring the two workings was leaked, and it was Lil Durk who confirmed the same during his Dreamville fest.

Lil Durk White’s Baby Momma
Lil Durk ( Credits: Rolling Stone)

While talking about the upcoming album called Almost Healed, which reportedly had a different name earlier, Lil Durk explained that the album is all about another level, and that is just not only music-wise but also about things around him that include growing from the friends around him and more.

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