BABYMONSTER Chiquita Receives Hate For Wanting to

BABYMONSTER Chiquita is receiving hate from netizens for wanting to perform at Coachella. Meanwhile, fans defended the rookie idol.

Here’s what happened.

BABYMONSTER Chiquita Receives Hate For Wanting to Perform At Coachella

On May 18, BABYMONSTER uploaded the debut announcement reaction video, where founder Yang Hyun Suk revealed the final lineup. In the video, BABYMONSTER members were on edge of their seats, anticipating every second on who will be eliminated or included.

With a tearful surprise, all seven members have successfully made it on the debut lineup. BABYMONSTER is now comprised of members Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Ahyeon, Haram, Rora, and Chiquita, who is the youngest among them.


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Afterwards, each member of BABYMONSTER were interviewed regarding their thoughts on the debut. On the video’s 8:52 mark, the scene transitioned to maknae Chiquita, who revealed her ambition and her dedication to become the best rapper there is.

BABYMONSTER Chiquita Receives Hate For Wanting to Perform at Coachella — Here's What Happened

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Chiquita happily mentioned her big dream, which is to perform at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The event is one of the biggest music events in the world, where fans’ favorite artists perform on live stage.

“I have a big dream. I want to perform at Coachella, it’s a big dream of mine.”

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Notably, BABYMONSTER’s senior group BLACKPINK already made their historic mark on the festival, as well as legendary act 2NE1.

Watch Chiquita’s portion here:


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However, Chiquita caught some netizens’ attention, who bashed the idol for her dream. They pointed out how performing in Coachella isn’t an easy feat for a K-pop group, and claimed that declaring this kind of goal would lead hate towards BABYMONSTER.

Some also questioned their group’s stature as a K-pop act, since most of them are foreign members.

Read their comments below:

“Nowadays, idols have no shame anymore. They don’t even wish to win #1 on music shows but would mention things like Coachella. They must really think that it’s easy to get there.”

“Huh? But saying something like this before debut will just get them hate.”

“Actors are so proud when they win a Korean award. What’s up with these idols?”

“How is this a K-pop group? The majority of them are foreigners. It’s my first time seeing a group like that.”

People Shield BABYMONSTER Chiquita From Bashers

Fans were enraged with the original poster for bashing a young kid with big dreams.

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(Photo : Chiquita (@seojinfairy Twitter))

They even mentioned that since their fellow senior group BLACKPINK performed on Coachella and became a headliner, BABYMONSTER would understandably follow their footsteps.

See their comments here:

“You guys are f**king ugly for hating on a young kid who just wants to perform at Coachella.”

“A fellow girl group performed there and was the headliner, so of course the kids who watched them growing up will want to go to Coachella too.”

“What’s wrong with having a dream? you don’t go up to random kids in your life who are like ‘I wanna be a really good doctor’ and tell them oh you’ll never achieve that.”

“They are from the same agency as BP who did it twice. I would dream big too if they were my direct seniors.”

“She’s just 14-year-old with dreams and goals. Stop with this unnecessary hate.”

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