Barbie lives a Palm Springs-inspired life on


Tiny Palm Springs creator Lisa Vossler Smith sets up her "Barbie" movie doll in front of a diorama of the Barbie Dreamhouse.

Standing in front of a perfectly pink diorama of her Dreamhouse one recent afternoon, Barbie, dressed in a checkered pink and white dress and donning white jewelry, waits to welcome visitors to her palace.

The two-story structure, inspired by the Dreamhouse featured in the upcoming “Barbie” film, has Palm Springs vibes all over it, with a pool, pink flamingo floatie and mid-century modern design elements prominently featured. Those who know the city’s architecture will see hints of Richard Neutra’s 1946 Kaufmann House and “That Pink Door” on display. Palm Desert resident Lisa Vossler Smith created the diorama over the course of three days.

In another corner is the Grande Dame of this mini Palm Springs world: Mrs. Silkstone. This vintage blonde Barbie, a character created by Vossler Smith, has a penchant for Chanel clothes and accessories, as well as drama. Whether it’s Ken surprising everyone by bringing supermodel Heidi Klum to a party, Mrs. Silkstone’s own mother stealing her cosmetics or it being too hot to lounge by the pool, there’s nothing this doll hasn’t experienced. Nearly 4,000 followers get a frontrow seat to all the action on Vossler Smith’s Instagram account, Tiny Palm Springs.

Mrs. Silkstone is the star of many Tiny Palm Springs stories.

Life in plastic has always been fantastic for Barbie, the iconic doll who has pursued a multitude of careers and lifestyles over the decades. But Vossler Smith, like Oscar-nominated director Greta Gerwig in her latest film, is giving Barbie and all her friends a new desert story to live out.

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