Singer Cardi B Throws Microphone at Concertgoer in Las


Cardi B made headlines over the weekend after she hurled her microphone at an unruly concertgoer during a performance in Las Vegas. The incident took place while the New York rapper was performing her hit song “Bodak Yellow” at Drai’s Beachclub.

The Incident

As Cardi B was on stage, a fan raised a white, decorated cup and threw liquid towards the rapper. Initially startled and visibly in disbelief, Cardi B quickly transformed into a fastball-throwing southpaw and launched her microphone at the woman. Security immediately intervened while Cardi B yelled from the stage, and the microphone was eventually returned to her. She then resumed her show, as seen in a video shared on her social media page.

According to a report by, it is unclear if any charges were filed against the concertgoer.

Previous Incident

This was not the first time Cardi B resorted to throwing a microphone during a performance. The night before the incident in Las Vegas, Cardi B had thrown a microphone at the DJ at Drai’s nightclub. This occurred after she kept getting cut off during her performance, as captured in a TikTok video.

Support from Fans

The video of Cardi B throwing her microphone has since gone viral, amassing over 25 million views on Twitter. Many fans have shown their support for the rapper’s actions. One Twitter user wrote, “Love her lol that’s exactly how she should’ve responded.” Another expressed admiration for Cardi B’s reaction.

Cardi B is not the only performer to have objects thrown at them on stage in recent months. Other musicians have also faced similar incidents. Last month, Bebe Rexha was hit by a phone during a concert in New York City. She sustained a black eye and needed stitches as a result. The person responsible, Nicolas Malvagna, was subsequently arrested.

Singer Pink also had a shocking experience when a fan threw their mother’s ashes on stage during the British Summer Time festival. Lil Nas X faced a sex toy being thrown at him while performing at European Lollapalooza in Sweden earlier this month.

Key Takeaway

Cardi B made headlines after throwing her microphone at a concertgoer during a performance in Las Vegas. This incident came after she was targeted by an unruly fan who threw a drink at her. Cardi B’s reaction has garnered support from fans, with a video of the incident going viral on Twitter. This situation highlights the trend of performers being targeted with objects while on stage.

Facts about the Incident

  • Cardi B threw her microphone at a concertgoer who threw a drink at her during her performance.
  • The incident took place at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas.
  • This is not the first time Cardi B has thrown a microphone during a performance.
  • The video of the incident has generated over 25 million views on Twitter.
  • Other performers, including Bebe Rexha and Lil Nas X, have also been targeted with objects while on stage.



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