TOMORROW X TOGETHER Shares Lollapalooza Practice Video:


Lollapalooza is just around the corner, and TOMORROW X TOGETHER is preparing to put on a show that MOA will not forget. Ahead of the group’s headlining set at the annual Chicago music festival, the quintet — which consists of members Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun and HueningKai — gave fans a sneak peek at their performance via TikTok on Wednesday (Aug. 2).

“Hey, MOA. There is only one week left for Lollapalooza. So we’re practicing hard for our performance. We’ll make you proud — let’s go!” Soobin said into the camera.

The footage then cuts to the group performing intricate choreography in a dance studio. The K-pop stars dance along to tracks “Tinnitus (Wanna be a rock)” and “Sugar Rush Ride” from recent album Sweet, as well as the group’s Jonas Brothers’ collab, “Do It Like That.”

TXT spoke with Consequence in May and shared how they were feeling leading up to their appearance at the music festival.

​​”When we were performing for the first time at Lollapalooza last year, I felt a little pressured and worried, rather than excited, because I had to perform in front of a lot of people that don’t know us,” Soobin recalled. “But last year, I saw that people were just there to enjoy, and they enjoyed our show — so now that we’re going back with the title of headliner, I’m not worried this time. It’s also a good opportunity to present ourselves to people that don’t know us, so I think I’m going to enjoy myself even more this time.”

TOMORROW X TOGETHER is set to take the stage on Saturday, Aug. 5. See the group’s dance practice video below.

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