5 Reasons Why Boomtown Is Unique


Rolling into its 15th year, the iconic Boomtown festival in Winchester, UK is so appealing it has almost sold it out without the line-up even being revealed. These reasons why Boomtown is so unique will have you trying to claim the final tickets in no time.

1. Boomtown’s set design and artistic flare is unlike any other
Boomtown’s epic set design will transport you into the new storyline, which transforms each year. With nine districts and stages, ‘citizens’ can roam from Forest Parties to Grand Central and Old Town, each dedicated to varying genres of music.

2. It’s a whole new world
Boomtown is a living theatre with trails you can follow for a fun adventure of exploration. Characters will guide citizens around the streets and have them take part in secret missions. This is an excellent way during the day to explore the labyrinth of areas that you might not get to each night, get to know your way around more, and make magical memories with friends as you explore the Twin Trail. The immersive storyline invites ‘citizens’ on the Twin Trail, which delves into how a person interacts with themselves, and how they give back to the world.

3. It’s one big dress-up party
In line with this year’s Twin Trail storyline, the dress-up theme will be Duality. Opposing forces; hot and cold, day and night, happiness and sadness, make up our lives. ‘Citizens’ will be exploring their extremes in costume and immersing themselves in the new world of Boomtown for the weekend. Boomtown encourages everyone to explore second-hand or existing items of clothing to prevent creating more clothing waste.

4. Surprise line-up
This year The Prodigy will perform – described by Boomtown’s co-founder, Luke Mitchell, as the most Boomtown band on the planet. The rest of the lineup will remain a surprise, with The Prodigy providing ticket holders, or ‘citizens’ a feel for what to expect at Boomtown this August in the South Downs National Park. The line-up is due to see some heavy hitters from hip-hop, post-punk, reggae, disco, and the usual epic dance floors, like Origin stage, jumping to drum and bass.

5. It’s committed to sustainability
One of Boomtown’s key pillars is to respect the planet and it is transforming into a sustainable city, run entirely on renewable energy with a circular economy city where organizers and citizens reject a throwaway society. Citizens aim to leave minimal impact on the local environment, the food is good for the people and the planet and everyone is inspired to take immediate positive action. Boomtown is continuing to work towards its pledge to become a circular festival by 2026 and has both new and ongoing initiatives to help towards this goal, including the use of an innovative new plastic-free paint that will be used for set and scenery design. Read more about the Green Mission here.

The festival takes place for five days from August 9-13, 2023, and is famed for its film-like sets, winding streets, and high production stages and shows. The final phase of tickets can be bought here.

Written by Kate Stewart

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