Blackpink’s New Single Could Be Another Big Hit


After nearly a year-long hiatus from releasing new music, the anticipation among Blackpink’s dedicated fanbase has been palpable. The wait is finally drawing to a close, as the group is gearing up to drop their highly anticipated new single, “The Girls.” Excitement is soaring among their massive fan base, and an intriguing hint from a key collaborator suggests that this upcoming track could very well become the next big hit for the quartet.

Ryan Tedder, a renowned songwriter and producer with an illustrious track record of crafting chart-toppers for music giants like Beyoncé, Adele and Justin Bieber, has offered a glimpse into the future of “The Girls.” As one of the creative forces behind the scenes, Tedder is intimately familiar with the track’s potential and direction and what the companies attached to it may be planning.

A recent Instagram exchange (shared by Twitter account PopCrave) shed light on the distribution strategy for “The Girls.” When a fan inquired whether the new single would be available on streaming platforms, Tedder shared a simple response: “streaming / radio.”

While the availability of the song on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music is expected, the revelation that it will also be sent to radio stations is noteworthy, especially considering that the release is tied to a game. There was a chance that it wouldn’t be promoted heavily, but the fact that radio is involved says otherwise.

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The decision to push “The Girls” to radio carries significant implications. Securing radio airplay involves substantial resources and investment, and this new clue indicates that the song is being viewed as a potential standout. In an era where many songs solely rely on online promotion, the choice to pursue radio exposure underscores the band’s label’s confidence in the track’s hit potential and its aspiration for widespread recognition.

Blackpink’s considerable popularity and devoted fan base provide a strong foundation for success, but it’s not always enough to secure a longstanding charting single, especially in America. The group’s global reach and impact are undeniable, and their social media presence ensures that any new release will make a splash on charts worldwide. However, sustaining that momentum in the U.S. often requires radio support, which can propel a song to greater heights and prolonged relevance.

The record label’s decision to initiate a radio campaign is a telling indicator of their belief in the track’s viability. Even a modest radio push demonstrates a vested interest in “The Girls” and its capacity to resonate with audiences. Tedder’s assertion that the single is bound for radio from the outset reinforces the notion that the song possesses the potential to make a significant impact, and that no one involved is waiting for streaming or sales data to validate its worth or the additional money being spent.

Whether “The Girls” will become a hit remains unclear at the moment, but the strategic approach taken by Blackpink’s team suggests a deliberate intent to position the song for mass appeal. The groundwork being laid for the track’s reception in the American market hints at a deliberate effort to secure a strong foothold. As the single’s release date approaches, the pieces are falling into place for yet another triumph for Blackpink.

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