The Week’s Best New Dance Tracks From Anna Lunoe, Fred


This week in dance music: deadmau5 mourned the passing of his iconic cat Meowingtons, Transylvania festival UNTOLD collected thousands of pints of blood in exchange for free tickets and we talked to the author of a new academic study exploring why dancefloors foster such physical intimacy among strangers.



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See latest videos, charts and news

And now, the week’s best new music to get intimate with your earholes.

Anna Lunoe, “Real Love”

The Label: NLV Records

The Spiel: Anna Lunoe’s first release of 2023 shifts gears seamlessly between house and garage, a foundation upon which the Australian fav layers up piano, siren-like synth stabs and — as the cherry on top — her own voice. These elements build to a tight three minutes of joyous fervor and fun that still demonstrate the depth suggested by the title.

The Vibe: 5 p.m. on a Friday bliss.

Fred again.. & Obongjayer, “adore u”

The Label: Warner Music

The Spiel: Our lowercase prince returns with some late summer sunshine in “adore u.” A collaboration with Obongjayer, “adore” samples a song the Nigeria-born, London-based singer wrote about his little brother (“I’m so proud, proud of all that you are,” he sings), with Fred’s take starting light before taking quick sharp turn into more percussive territory. The ever-prolific producer debuted the track during his set last weekend at Lollapalooza.

The Artist Says: “This is the first song of a whole new world to me,” says Fred. “One that I cant wait to show you more of. Very very much. Obongjayar made this song for his lil brother. I made it for my lil sister without knowing this. So to me it’s for siblings, in any way that manifests. Like, it doesn’t have to be blood brothers to me.”

The Vibe: Drunken dance party at your next family reunion.

HoneyLuv & Cakes da Killa, “Bring It Back”

The Label: Insomniac Records

The Spiel: “This thing is out of control,” New York City rapper Cakes da Killa declares on “Bring It Back” — and while the mood on HoneyLuv‘s latest certainly engenders a certain sort of dancefloor looseness, the producer herself keeps the production extremely tight. She layers in loads of percussion, smooth synths and Cakes’ rapidfire flow into a tech-forward heater that’s equally sophisticated and fun. Listen for it at HoneyLuv’s upcoming tour dates at Hï and Amnesia in Ibiza, Elements Music Festival, Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas, EDC Orlando and many more.

The Vibe: Wild, but never messy.

FISHER & Kita Alexander “Atmosphere”

The Label: Catch & Release

The Spiel: FISHER once again demonstrates that he’s just got this thing figured out, delivering another undeniably infectious tech house anthem written in conjunction with the song’s vocalist, Australian singer/songwriter Kita Alexander. Together the pair deliver a song that swirls like its titular layers of gas themselves, creating an earworm tune both celestial and heavy like a black hole.

The Artist Says: “[This is] a song that I was really proud of because it sounded most like me”, says Alexander. “Luckily enough, Fisher agreed and loved the track. Turns out the fans also love it. I’m so excited to be featuring on a track with a friend and Aussie legend.”

The Vibe: Entering the orbit of someone you’re into.


The Label: Fool’s Gold Records

The Spiel: “Tell me, what’s the secret of looking so fly?” Muzi asks on his latest, “EMTUNZINI” –although the question feels largely rhetorical, given how insanely fly the South African producer/singer sounds on the track and looks in its corresponding video. A breezy four minutes of slick, effervescent house music, with a breezy melody sung in both English and Zulu, the song recounts the love story of Muzi’s parents and functions as the lead single from the artist’s forthcoming studio LP uMUZI, coming October 13th via Fool’s Gold Records.

The Vibe: May we all be even just slightly as fly.


The Label: Atlantic

The Spiel: “I’m not dramatic; I just get a little manic,” Swedish experimental electronic artist COBRAH announces on her latest single. She nonetheless keeps the track at a low simmer, with an insistent kickdrum and waves of rumbling synth creating the foundation for COBRAH to deliver rapid-fire lyrics about “getting into the frantic” in her unmistakable baby voice, which juxtaposes the heaviness of the lyrics with the purr with which she delivers them. The pristinely shot and slightly NSFW video finds the artist relishing in the BDSM realm that’s a signature of her general aesthetic.

The Vibe: Yes, maybe slightly deranged — but also delicious.

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