Mike Gordon Talks ‘Flying Games,’ New Songs, Phish Setlist…


Mike Gordon Talks ‘Flying Games,’ New Songs, Phish Setlists and More on ‘Inside The Musician’s Brain’

Recently, Phish bassist, Mike Gordon, served as the featured guest on the latest episode of the captivating Inside The Musicians Brain podcast, presented in collaboration with Osiris Media and hosted by Chris Pandolfi of The Infamous Stringdusters. Over the conversation, Gordon and Pandolfi delve deep into the realm of music, exploring topics ranging from Gordon’s solo album Flying Games to the intricacies of Phish’s pre-show preparations.

The episode commences with a glimpse into Pandolfi’s personal journey as a devoted Phish enthusiast. He shares a pivotal moment when he received a transformative gift – a Lawn Boy cassette from his older brother which would help guide his musical trajectory. Pandolfi also regales listeners with anecdotes from his firsthand experiences at live Phish performances, infusing the episode with a shared enthusiasm for the band’s magnetic energy.

Steering the dialogue toward Gordon’s artistic endeavors, the conversation segues into the bassist’s recent solo tour in support of his latest album, Flying Games, the addition of Rachel Eckroth, the accomplished touring keyboardist and the playful names for his solo band, adding a touch of levity to the interview.

A natural progression led the discussion to the banjo, Pandolfi’s instrument and a common thread between the host and his guest– and the rich tapestry of bluegrass music. They then explore the vibrant bluegrass scene in the heart of New York City, highlighting the genre’s unexpected but thriving presence within the urban landscape.

Gordon also provided an intriguing peek behind the curtain of Phish’s tour preparations. He unveiled their meticulous routine, including daily rehearsals of songs that last from half an hour to 45 minutes before each performance.

When prompted by Pandolfi, Gordon offered candid insights into Phish’s song selection process for live shows, inviting listeners into a world often shrouded in mystery. His willingness to share such details encapsulates the spirit of the Inside The Musicians’ Brain.

Enjoy the complete interview below.

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