I skipped Lollapalooza for a smaller, cheaper Midwest


Zach Bryan headlined Saturday’s show, which featured confetti and an impressive light show.Julia Richardson

The Hinterland festival is significantly smaller than some other summer music festivals, with attendance at around 15,000 people a night — a massive difference compared to Lollapalooza, which Block Club Chicago estimated saw 115,000 people a night.

Hinterland’s smaller crowds meant we were able to get close to the stage without too much difficulty. With just a little snaking through the crowd, we found ourselves a few hundred feet from Zach Bryan, Wallows, Del Water Gap, Noah Kahan, and Maggie Rogers as they performed.

We even got to interact with artist Dylan Minnette, singer and rhythm guitarist in the band Wallows, who joined the crowd during his set to dole out high-fives, fist bumps, and smiles.

Regardless of our spot, we were also always able to hear and see the performers clearly.

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