Simone to Perform at 31st Citadel Music Festival on August


Thu 17 Aug 2023 | 09:37 AM

Egyptian singer-actress Simone will perform live at the 31st Saladin Citadel Festival for Music and Singing, on Monday, August 28.

She is set to present several of her popular and latest songs.


Simone Philip Kamel, known professionally by the mononym Simone, is one of the most distinguished singers in the Middle East.

She used to sing in school, her real talent came to the surface when she presented the Greek/Arabic song “Munawar” at the Egyptian Greek friendship festival.

Simone was famous for her soprano voice in the 1990s. Her most famous songs include “Mish Nazra w Ibtsama”, “Taxi”, “Kaf Mini”, “Mabsota”, “Tani Tani”, “Saati mish Mazbota”, “Casanova”, and “Batkalm Gaad”.

She also starred in several film and TV productions such as “Youm Mor We Youm Helw” (1988), “Ice Cream fe Glym” (1992), “Abo El-Ela 90” (1996), “Zezenia 1: El Wali w El Khawaga” (1997), “Helm El Ganouby” (1997), “Fares Bela Gawad” (2002), and “Qaed A’aely” (2019).

Simon also starred opposite Mohamed Sobhi in several plays “Seket El-Salama” (2000), “Leabaet El Set” (2000), and “Carmen” (1999).


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