‘The Big Stomp’ music festival returns to Louisville this


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — The Big Stomp — the nation’s first music festival to focus on mental health — will return Aug. 18-19 for its seventh year. 

The festival’s co-founder and director, Molly Jones, told WDRB Mornings she decided to organize the event to bring attention to mental health after her son died by suicide. 

Jones said “it came about in December of 2016 when my son ended his life. He had suffered depression, and it was a shock to his brothers and sisters — and to me and his dad. So he had three brothers and a sister, and immediately they felt like we have to do something. We’re losing good people. We lost Pete, the world is losing good people. And we shouldn’t be.

“So we started the Pete Foundation, and about two weeks later, my children said ‘we’re going to do a music festival.’ It sounded kind of crazy, but music brings people together and it’s a good way to send a message and share a message about ‘stomping the stigma.'”

The foundation works with local organizations that attend the event to provide information on mental health, types of mental health, and resources available in Louisville.

“So you’ll have wonderful music on the stages,” Jones said. “Some of our artists speak to mental health, their own struggles. We also have a nice talk from the stage. It’s only about 10 minutes, but Dr. Chris Peters here from Louisville gives a wonderful and inspiring talk each year.”

The annual family-friendly event will feature more than 30 acts including funk outfit Lettuce, indie folk virtuoso Bahamas and American rock band The Heartless Bastards. A complete list of bands appears at the bottom of this story.

“We’ve also got electronic music, so we have an electronic DJ stage that’s set in this really cozy, wooded area. It’s going to be very, very fun.”

Jones said people feel more comfortable in a relaxed setting. “It does make it easier. It’s almost like shopping. You can go tent to tent to tent and find information.”

The festival happens Friday (Aug. 17) from 5 to midnight and noon to midnight Saturday (Aug. 18) at Jones Field at 8401 Dawson Hill Road. It’s a 90-acre nature preserve located in southeastern Jefferson County, adjacent to the Parkland’s Turkey Run park.

CLICK HERE to buy tickets. Tickets are also available the day of at the event box office. Parking is available on-site and may be reserved in advance for $10 a day or $15 for the weekend. There is no street parking and ride sharing is encouraged.

CLICK HERE for more information and a schedule of performances. 

The Big Stomp Band Lineup

  • Lettuce
  • Bahamas
  • Heartless Bastards
  • Doom Flamingo
  • Same As It Ever Was
  • Wombo
  • Boa Boys
  • The Psycodelics
  • Hot Brown Smackdown
  • Houseplant
  • Wayne Graham
  • Laid Back Country Picker
  • MojoThunder
  • Rosario
  • Scott T Smith
  • The Young Romantics
  • The Afrophysicists
  • Shimona
  • Casey Powell
  • Isolation Tank Ensemble
  • Transmit Treehouse Stage
  • DJ Craze
  • Jason Leech
  • Josh Wink
  • Mr. C
  • Philipp Jung
  • Whistleface
  • Trevor Lamont
  • Morris Koad
  • Nickelson
  • Angel Of The Bottomless Pit
  • Bonedaddy
  • 45 Thieves
  • Amydala
  • Jamey See Tai
  • DJ Daddy Bob

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