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Picture of Loet Vanderveen (Dutch, 1921-2015)

Loet Vanderveen (Dutch, 1921-2015)

Image of the piece titled "Roaring Lion" a remarkable sculpture by Loet Vanderveen. Infused with meticulous intricacy and adorned with a splendid ebony and golden sheen.

Roaring Lion by Loet Vanderveen

Picture of Cheetah Couple sculpture seating on the beach by Loet Vanderveen

Cheetah Couple Sculpture by Loet Vanderveen

Sculpture of Noah's Ark by Loet Vanderveen, a large boat structure with a pair of every kind of creature

Noah’s Ark by Loet Vanderveen

Image of the sculpture titled "Elephant and Babies," by Loet Vanderveen, an exceptional portrayal of maternal companionship as a mother strolls alongside her calves. Imbued with meticulous precision and adorned with an exquisite silver patina

Elephant and Babies by Loet Vanderveen

Mark Russo CEO of Treasure Investments Corporation Acquires the Fine Art Estate of Loet Vanderveen

We have never been more excited about this collection. Loet’s art bridges the world of realism and modern in his creations,”

— Jason Dilling, President of Sales, Treasure Investments Corp

BATTLE GROUND, WASHINGTON, USA, August 30, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Mark Russo, CEO and Founder of Treasure Investments Corporation, successfully negotiated the acquisition and purchase of 322 master molds created by the World-Famous sculpture artist Loet Vanderveen. The purchase included not only all the master molds of Loet’s creations but all reproduction and marketing rights. Vanderveen bronze collections can be seen and purchased in over 24 high-end fine art gallery locations throughout the United States and several in Europe. “We are excited about casting some of Loet’s pieces in pure silver and also enlarging many of the works to live size and larger,” says Mark Russo.

Treasure Investments Corporation just took possession of the mold collection and has already begun casting pieces in bronze to resupply the demand from the existing gallery locations. Treasure Investments will look to expand the Vanderveen collections to its 95 gallery partners and beyond.

“We have never been more excited about this collection. Loet’s art bridges the world of realism and modern in his creations,” says Jason Dilling, President of Sales for Treasure Investments.

Loet Vanderveen was born in Rotterdam, Holland. His home was very close to the zoo where, during his early years, Loet spent a great deal of his time. During this period in life, he developed his love for animals.  At night, listening to the sound of wild animals in the zoo, he would fantasize about safaris to Africa. Fantasies, which were eventually realized!  Hours before the bombardment of Rotterdam, the Dutch army was ordered to destroy all of the dangerous species in the zoo. The animals were destroyed, as well as his home, and these events led Loet into a new phase in his life. He escaped from occupied Holland, and upon his arrival in England, he was decorated for valor by Queen Wilhelmina. He served in the RAF during the war. During the first eleven years following the war, he lived in Zurich, London, and New York working as a fashion designer. He was not satisfied with his profession and a meeting with Fong Chow, then curator of the Far Eastern Department of the Metropolitan Museum in New York, led to private ceramic studies with Fong for the next three years. He learned a great deal about Chinese glaze techniques and applying fine glazes to the correct forms. This knowledge eventually led to applying patinas to bronze animal forms. Loet Vanderveen sculpture designs are enhanced by a rich palette of subtle patinas offering uniquely stylized interpretations appreciated by distinguished worldwide collectors.

About Treasure Investments Corporation Treasure Investments Corporation is a renowned leader in the creation and distribution of bronze and precious metals sculptures and monuments. With a team of skilled artisans and a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, they bring timeless works of art to life. Through their participation in prestigious events like FreedomFest, they aim to connect with art enthusiasts and investors, promoting the value and beauty of bronze and precious metals.

For more information about Treasure Investments Corporation and its upcoming projects, please visit their website at www.treasureinvestmentscorp.com.

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