A Return to the Grand Canyon Music Festival


We begin Arizona Encore‘s 2023-2024 season with music from the Grand Canyon Music Festival. On this episode of Arizona Encore, we’ll celebrate the festival’s 40th anniversary. What started almost as a fluke flute performance during a canyon hike in 1982 has now become a forward-thinking institution with equal commitments to music education and to outstanding performances by professional musicians.

String quintets, quartets and trios recorded at the 2022 festival will show off the diversity and breadth of classical music composed around the turn of the 20th century, but from different positions around the world. The Manhattan Chamber Players and the Catalyst Quartet recorded these performances last year and both ensembles will return to the Shrine of the Ages this weekend for special performances in honor of the festival’s 40th anniversary season.

Enjoy a selection from the Manhattan Chamber Players’ performance at the Grand Canyon Music Festival last year on September 3rd as we count down to the first broadcast of Arizona Encore‘s 2023-2024 season.

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