North Beach Music Festival conquers Nkhata Bay


The three-day inaugural North Beach Music Festival at Chikale Beach in Nkhata Bay was a hub of fun and social interaction over the weekend.

Since Friday afternoon when the festival rolled into action, there was joy as people mingled excitedly in the scorching sun.

Audience at the first day of the festival as Skeffa was performing

In an interview on Saturday morning, taxi operator at Nkhata Bay Boma John Mhone said he made a fortune as festival goers hired his car for their movement.

“Why did we not have these festivals all along? It has been a busy weekend for us service providers. I have made big business as many customers hired my car,” he said.

On his part, McDonald Banda of Al-Maun Restaurant, said the business went on well as they provided meals to festival goers.

“We cannot complain, business was good,” he said.

By 6am on Friday, the stage was already busy with DJs playing music and keeping patrons busy. Live music performances started at 11pm.

First to go on stage was Turf Lion International Band from Nkhata Bay then came Mr Zembani, Sam Smack, Lucius Banda and Nepman, all from Zembani Band. Second on stage was Skeffa Chimoto and Real Sounds Band who performed up to the end of the first part of the show on Saturday.

In an interview, Lucius Banda said it was great to perform at the inaugural festival and called upon Malawians to support the event.

“We started it and it is good that we have others coming in. It is not easy to have such shows considering the costs they incur. What is needed now is for Malawians to support the organisers of such huge festivals,” he said.

Artists who performed on the second day included Driemo and Turf Lion International band from Nkhatabay.

One of the organisers, Thomson Madulira said they were impressed with the turnout of patrons.

“We did not expect such a huge turnout. This is amazing,” he said.

Castel Malawi sponsored the festival with K5 million.

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