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Poetry possesses a unique capacity to evoke vivid imagery through its descriptive language. It paints a sensory canvas that allows readers to taste, smell, and feel the culinary creation without taking a single bite. The luscious crimson of a ripe strawberry, the rich aroma of freshly baked bread, or the sizzle of a hot, savory dish—all come alive through poetic expression, infusing words with flavors and textures. So enjoy this poetic rendition of Sadak Chaap, Chembur, Mumbai in free verse

In The Sadak Chaap’s world, flavors intertwine,
A journey through chaaps, a culinary design,
From boti to fingers, each dish finds its place,
In free verse, their stories, a culinary grace.

Boti Chaap

Soft soya chunks, grilled to perfection,
Khada masalas’ embrace, a spicy connection,
A symphony of flavors, in each tender bite,
At The Sadak Chaap, this is a culinary delight.

Brraa Chaap

Soya strips marinated in grace,
Khada masalas’ magic, in every taste,
On the grill, they sizzle, a flavorful chase,
At The Sadak Chaap, a dish to embrace.

Amritsari Phish Fry

Here comes a crispy sensation,
Chaaps coated with masalas, a flavorful foundation,
Fried to crisp perfection, in Amritsari sauce’s grace,
At The Sadak Chaap, a taste to embrace.

Butter Unchicken Roll

Butter Unchicken Roll, a tempting affair,
Soft soya chunks, buttery gravy’s share,
Wrapped in a roomali, a culinary space,
At The Sadak Chaap, a roll’s warm embrace.

Unchicken Fingers

Unchicken Fingers, a crispy delight,
Mock meat’s magic, a flavorful flight,
With mayo or vegan mayo, to your taste,
At The Sadak Chaap, a dish to be faced.

Free verse offers poets the freedom to express themselves without the constraints of rhyme or meter. This freedom allows for a more direct and authentic expression of thoughts, emotions, and experiences.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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