The Live Phish Dance Party tonight will be from Solo Projects & Shows, Sunday Spunday, What is Hip?!, Project Reggaeologist, Playing Now on JamFest is “St Stephen” by The Grateful Dead from a Free Concert In Piedmont Park!

On a hot summer day in 1969, The Grateful Dead played a free concert in Piedmont Park, Atlanta. Among the tracks on their setlist was “St. Stephen,” a song that showcases the band’s unique musical style. Although “St. Stephen” was not a commercial hit, it gained a loyal following amongst fans of The Grateful Dead. The combination of Jerry Garcia’s fluid guitar playing, Phil Lesh’s intricate basslines, and the band’s psychedelic improvisations created a sound that was unlike anything else at the time. “St. Stephen” became a staple of The Grateful Dead’s live shows and remains a fan favorite to this day, inspiring covers and interpretations by countless other musicians. Whether you’re a long-time Deadhead or a newcomer to their music, “St. Stephen” is a track that encapsulates the spirit and creativity of this iconic band.

Remember that on Nights and Weekends when there are Real Live Shows and Actual, Tour, we play live music from the various solo projects andf shows. Enjoy tonight’s Live Phish Dance Party.

Sunday Spunday is all night long until the Morning NPR News report at 9AM EST.

If you’re looking for a more laid-back experience on Sunday, be sure to indulge in the Gospel Lunch. It’s the perfect opportunity to unwind before the afternoon filled with NOLA sounds on the What is Hip?! radio show.

Finally, Project Reggaeologist takes place on Sunday night where you can enjoy both new and legendary reggae music. It sounds like an incredible way to end the weekend on a high note! So, don’t forget to mark these events in your calendar!

Saturday Night’s

Live Phish Dance Party

This Week’s ‘Live Phish Dance Party’ Set List (‘From the Bottom to the Top’):


Sunday Spunday


What is Hip?!

Sunday Night’s

Project Reggaeologist

Monday at 7PM

All Things Considered Live

Monday Night’s

NewGrass Radio

Tuesday Night’s

Wednesday Night’s

Live From The Vault

Thursday Night’s

Festival Night

Friday Night’s

Club Night

NPR News Now Report Airs FOUR (4) Times Daily!

Listen on Online Radio Box!



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