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Tomorrowland Brasil Live Cancelled Today, Club Night, Live Phish Dance Party, Sunday Spunday, NPR News Now, What is Hip?!, Project Reggaeologist & Playing Now on JamFest is “1981” by deadmau5 from Everyday (Play Records)(2008)!

Day Two at Tomorrowland Brasil is cancelled die to the Weather.

The upcoming schedule of events for the JamFest online program is looking incredibly exciting! If you’re looking for a night of fun with some great tunes, then tonight is Club Night on JamFest and you won’t want to miss it! On top of that, tomorrow’s Live Phish Dance Party is going to be a showstopper, as the musicians will be performing songs from their Solo Projects – a truly unique experience that you just can’t find anywhere else.

But that’s not all – if you’re looking for a way to wind down on Sunday night, then you should stick around for Sunday Spunday. This program features music all night long and ends with the Sunday NPR News Now report, the Gospel Lunch, What is Hip!? and Project Reggaeologist, making it the perfect mix of entertainment and news. So why not make Sunday a night of relaxation and good vibes by tuning in to JamFest?

Dear Visitors,
Due to strong storms, rain and flooding yesterday, the internal areas of Tomorrowland, parking lots and access roads are heavily damaged.
Due to these events, we announce that the festival will not take place today, Friday, October 13th.
We are working hard to ensure that we have the necessary conditions to welcome you safely. Tomorrow, Saturday, October 14th, Tomorrowland Brasil opens its doors again.
For DreamVille visitors, we will have a special program with the opening of The Gathering Stage. 
It is with heavy heart that we announce that today, Friday, October 13, we are not in a position to open the doors of Tomorrowland Brasil. Due to the extreme rain of yesterday, the festival areas, parking lots and access roads are badly damaged and need to be restored properly.
Despite the dry weather now, more time will be needed to ensure that we have the necessary conditions to receive our visitors safely, as this is our highest priority.
Tomorrow, Saturday, October 14, Tomorrowland Brasil opens its doors again.
For DreamVille festival-goers, everyone is welcome to stay and we’re opening The Gathering Stage with an alternative program today.
Refund information will be released soon.

Tune in Tomorrow to (hopefully) Watch Tomorrowland Brasil 2023 LIVE and Watch the Essence Stage Tomorrowland Brasil 2023 LIVE!

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