Kristian Matsson, a.k.a. The Tallest Man On Earth, performed Friday at the 2015 Newport Folk Festival.

The Tallest Man on Earth Live In Concert from All Songs Considered Live

The Tallest Man on Earth, the moniker of Swedish singer-songwriter Kristian Matsson, brought his mesmerizing blend of folk music to the Newport Folk Festival in 2015, leaving a lasting impression on both longtime fans and newcomers alike. Known for his evocative lyrics, haunting melodies, and intimate acoustic performances, Matsson’s set at Newport was a testament to his ability to captivate audiences with nothing but his guitar and his emotive vocals.

As Matsson took the stage, there was a palpable sense of anticipation in the air. The audience, eager to experience the magic of his music in the iconic setting of the Newport Folk Festival, hung on his every word as he launched into his set. With just his guitar in hand, Matsson began to strum the opening chords of his songs, filling the air with the warm, organic sound of acoustic folk music.

Throughout his set, Matsson showcased his masterful songwriting skills, weaving intricate tales of love, loss, and longing with his poignant lyrics and soulful melodies. Songs like “The Gardener,” “King of Spain,” and “Love Is All” resonated with the audience, their stripped-down arrangements allowing Matsson’s emotive vocals to take center stage.

One of the highlights of Matsson’s performance was his rendition of “Dark Bird Is Home,” the title track from his fourth studio album. The song’s haunting melody and haunting lyrics struck a chord with the audience, its stark simplicity perfectly capturing the raw emotion of Matsson’s music.

Throughout his set, Matsson’s genuine passion for his craft shone through, as he poured his heart and soul into each song, creating an intimate and immersive experience for everyone in attendance. His ability to connect with the audience on such a personal level is a testament to his talent as a performer and songwriter.

As Matsson bid farewell to the Newport Folk Festival stage, he left behind a lasting impression on all who were fortunate enough to witness his performance. His stripped-down acoustic set was a reminder of the power of music to evoke emotion, transcend boundaries, and bring people together in shared moments of beauty and connection.

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