Local Bloke Hides Closet Backstreet Boy Fandom By Buying Girlfriend Tickets for “Birthday Surprise” — The Betoota Advocate


A local girl is in shock this evening, after being blindsided by a larger than life birthday present.

Walking in the door after a long day teaching at North Betoota Secondary College, local P.E teacher Bridget McKenzie was surprised to find her partner, Nick Littrill, trying on a sparkling new pair of white jeans in the living room.

“Uhh hey hun, whatcha doing there?” inquired a bemused Bridget.

“Oh just some online shopping arrived, here I got your something too!”, replied Nick with giddy enthusiasm.

Pointing to a rose pink envelope resting on the dining table, Bridget was surprised to discover that her boyfriend of four years was for once very prepared for her birthday, so much so that his present seemed to have arrived three weeks early.

After reading a hastily scribbled note written in a cheap birthday card, Bridget was shocked to discover that she too would soon be dusting off her favourite white denim jacket, and being treated to premium VIP tickets to see the Backstreet Boys Live! In Brisbane.

“Surprise babe!” squealed Nick, his eyes lighting up at the Tiketek QR code that would lead him to the concert of his dreams.

“I got us, I mean I got you Backstreet Boys tickets, we’re going in March next year!”

Unsure how she felt by the unexpected present, Bridget admitted to our reporter that she was a little confused by the tickets considering she and her partner had never experienced any obvious bonding over the world’s greatest boy band.

“It’s better than last year’s present, he got me a candle,” Bridget told The Advocate privately in the kitchen.

“I mean I like Backstreet Boys as much as any other drunk millennial on a pub dance floor, but they’re not my all time favourite.”

“I was always more of an N*SYNC girl myself, but to be honest I’m cool to go to the concert with him, as long as he loves me…”

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