Sign Language Interpreter Vibing at Lollapalooza Mumbai is Warming Hearts

Last Updated: February 01, 2023, 15:50 IST

Lollapalooza India sign language interpreter wins hearts. (Credits: Twitter/@LollaIndia)

Lollapalooza India sign language interpreter wins hearts. (Credits: Twitter/@LollaIndia)

A sign language expert bringing her A-game to Lollapalooza Mumbai is warming hearts.

Lollapalooza India 2023 took place in Mumbai and if all the Instagram stories about it have given you major FOMO, you’re not alone. The grand and buzzing music festival came to Asia for the first time, brought to the country by BookMyShow. Among all the big performers like Imagine Dragons, The Strokes, Greta Von Fleet, Hanumankind, Rashmeet Kaur and more, a video of a sign language expert rocking out has been winning hearts on social media.

Shared by Lokmat journalist Rishi Darda, the sign language interpreter’s dedication and the enthusiasm she brought to the job has wowed Twitter. She brought her A-game to the show and also seemed to be having fun, which is not something all of can say at all times at our jobs.

Lollapalooza Mumbai had a range of facilities to make it accessible, like enabling Sign Language Interpreters to interpret the music for headlining artists at the main BudX stage for hearing-impaired attendees, a specially-equipped team will help and guide handicapped, visually and hearing impaired festival fans taking them through the festival zones and help them through movement and experiences, and a dedicated lane for wheelchair access including risers on the way to different festival zones as also a dedicated riser platform for them to enjoy the show at each stage.

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