Speak Up: Dover’s Firefly Music Festival to skip 2023

Firefly Music Festival officials have announced they will not hold the four-day music event in 2023. A video from this year’s Firefly on their website is accompanied by a message that says, “We’ll be cherishing these moments until we reunite. After 10 magical years of Firefly in the Woodlands, we’ve decided to take a year off to recharge our lights. We will see you in 2024!”

  • Makes me sad. Without this festival, I would never have seen three of my favorite bands/artists live, and all of them could very well never tour again. Even if I don’t like the kind of music at a festival, I still wouldn’t want it to go away. Music brings people together, and everyone deserves to see their favorite band live. — Samantha Short
  • I read it’s due to low attendance, but they’re considering coming back in 2024. I’m not concerned, except for it conflicted with an event in Newark that I volunteer for. Our event still had great attendance. — Lasa Kathleen Nixon
  • Working for a marketing company that works closely with AEG, I’ve been hearing rumors of a venue change for two years now. — David Simonson
  • Jumped the shark. — Mark Stephens
  • They already were shut down during COVID-19. That was a huge break! I’m thinking they didn’t make the money that they have in the past, and folks want it to be in June, and they can’t get any bands booked.  — LaTishia Reed Murray
  • I hope they make a huge comeback. The lineups are not as good as they once were. — Kristyn Pipher
  • Don’t come back. — David Hosier
  • The first five years was great, but everything after that just wasn’t the same. Made some great memories with family there, but I think it may have run its course. — Shannon Walsh
  • Drunken and disorderly people! — Debora Tomczak Goff
  • Obviously. That’s the case with all festivals. — Shannon Walsh
  • How about a country festival? — Cindy Christiansen
  • Like Big Barrel, minus the rain. — Ann Heidrick

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