Ticket price of Arijit Singh’s Kolkata concert now 75,000! | Bangla Movie News

The frenzy and madness surrounding Arijit Singh’s Kolkata concert on February 18 next year has matched new heights now. While fans are super excited for the concert the sky-high ticket prices have left the Kolkatans baffled. The current ticket prices for the music concert, to be held at Eco Park, starts from Rs 2,500 onwards but what has left everyone in shock is the price of the tickets that are near the main stage. While 2,500 is for a bronze ticket, 4,000 is for Silver, 8,000 for gold, 10, 500 for platinum, and the last one, 75,000 for the Diamond lounge. The bronze section will be the one that will be farthest from the stage and the diamond lounge is just near the stage where Arijit will perform in February. Interestingly, last week the Diamond lounge ticket price was 50,000. So, you can imagine the madness surrounding the concert.

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