Trending news: Udaipur ready to welcome New Year, theme will be unique, celebration will be memorable for tourists


Booking done in 800 hotels of Udaipur
Celebration will be held at different places with unique theme
Tourists from all over the world come to Lake City to celebrate the new year.

Udaipur. Like every year, the city of blue lakes, Udaipur, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is ready to welcome the new year. Tourists of every section can be included in the New Year Celebration in this city. One can join the party by paying more in five star hotels of the city. At the same time, celebrations are also being organized at many such places where one can join the party cheaply. The party is going to be organized on different themes in Udaipur. Many hotel and resort operators have kept themes related to the environment so that along with making the party attractive, efforts can also be made to give the message of environmental protection.

About 800 hotels in Udaipur are fully booked for the New Year celebrations. Tourists have now started booking for New Year’s parties as well. Dolly Taldar, a well-known resort operator of the city, says that preparations have been made in such a way that this New Year party is the most memorable ever for the tourists. In his hotel, there is a thread about the connection between heaven and earth. In this, showing a glimpse of the message of environmental protection, complete green decoration will be done.

Will be celebrated like a music festival
Along with the theme base party, the famous bands of the country will also make the New Year celebration more memorable. For this, many hotels have made preparations to celebrate the festival like a music festival. In another famous resort of Lake City, events for this will be held for two days. In this, the famous bands of the country will force the tourists to dance to their tunes. Dushyant Periwal, MD of this resort, says that with the thinking that tourists come to Udaipur, efforts are being made to provide them a better environment here.

Will get a chance to have a memorable party
He says that Udaipur is now becoming the first choice of domestic and foreign tourists to welcome the new year. That’s why there is no place in hotels at the end of the year. In Udaipur, tourists will get a chance to have a memorable party with a colorful party. Hotels have also made complete preparations for this. Before this Christmas is also coming. Hotel operators have made preparations for that too. It is noteworthy that Udaipur is the favorite destination of tourists from all over the world. Tourists from all over the world come here to celebrate the New Year.

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