Vanessa Hudgens Looks Like Lady Gaga In New Photo

Vanessa Hudgens wore a blond wig, red lipstick and a collar necklace, and fans immediately thought of Lady Gaga.

Hudgens posted the look on Instagram Dec. 12 and acknowledged that she did not look like herself, saying in the caption, “Who even is she.”

The actor, who turns 34 this week, wore a black jacket paired with eyebrows so thin they were barely visible. Some of Hudgens’ nearly 48 million followers commented on the post with kudos for looking so much like the “Poker Face” singer.

“Are you making a Lady Gaga movie,” one person asked.

“It’s giving GAGA,” someone else said.

“When your obsession as a teen was Vanessa Hudgens and Lady Gaga, and now Vanessa decided to dress up as Lady Gaga,” another person wrote.

Vanessa Hudgens may have been channeling Lady Gaga with her new look.
Vanessa Hudgens may have been channeling Lady Gaga with her new look.@vanessahudgens via Instagram/Getty Images

The “High School Musical” star has rocked blond hair occasionally over the years, but usually isn’t compared to Lady Gaga.

In 2013, she showed off an ombre hair color in which her ends were blond. She called it “autumn hair” on Instagram.

In 2014, she went blond for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, according to Us Weekly. Hudgens posted a picture on Instagram and called it “mermaid hair.”

In 2017, Hudgens went blond on Fox’s competition show “So You Think You Can Dance,” which she co-judged for two seasons. She posted a picture on Instagram and captioned it, “BLONDE for So you think you can dance!!!!!”

Hudgens and her signature brunette locks are currently starring in films “Tick, Tick… Boom!” on Netflix and “Asking For It” available on Hulu.

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