Viral TikToker went to great lengths after the Ticketmaster Brouhaha, in order to secure Taylor Swift tickets

Many people were affected by the Taylor Swift/Ticketmaster issue. Fans will do whatever it takes to catch the star on her next tour. In the aftermath of the general sale of Swift’s Eras Tour getting squashed by Ticketmaster due to the high demand, some people are going above and beyond to try to score at least one ticket for her first tour in the post-COVID era. A TikToker’s clever and resourceful way to get her seats has made her viral.

Heather Pendlington, a tattoo artist, was eager to meet Taylor Swift and even went so far as to request a trade. TikTokA free sleeve in exchange for a complimentary ticket. It didn’t take long for people to respond, and she happily posted a video that showed her holding her ticket for the Eras Tour. Check out the video below to see just how thrilled Pendlington was.

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