What is Instafest? A Music Festival Generator using your Spotify Data for the Artists Streamlined For You

Instafest is a massive trend on the social media spectrum now, especially as people share it on their accounts and flaunt their artist lineup online, which also reflects their most listened-to artists and preferences. Well, it is an online app focusing on a music festival generator that bases its data on one’s Spotify account, using one’s listening preferences to complete the lineup.

Most likely, you have come across people posting it on their Twitter, Instagram posts and stories, Facebook, or TikTok accounts, and this is a chance to try it and see what is in store for you.

Instafest App: What is It? Music Fest Generator for Spotify

Instafest App

(Photo : Instafest App) is an online music festival generator available for all to try for free, with the platform offering a way to read Spotify data and one’s preferences to create a lineup for users that they may share. 

It is a summary of one’s music preference for different timelines, which users may customize from their top artists from the past week, past six months, or for all time. 

The app also offers different styles that would match their fantasy music festival with their theme preference including Malibu Sunrise, a dark theme called LA Twilight, and a sunset feature called Mojave Dusk.

Users can also see a score rating at the bottom of the page which ranks their data and preferences, with this available to add to their festival poster. 

A creator called Anshay Saboo made this app and music festival generator for Spotify.

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How to Use Instafest and Create Your Poster

Instafest App

(Photo : Instafest App)

Creating one’s Instafest is easy, and users only need to visit its website and log in to their Spotify accounts via the login page that pops up.

Here, users may set their preference to whatever timeline they wish to share on their posters, also, choosing the preferred theme of their fantasy music festival.

Instafest App

(Photo : Instafest App)

They can also opt to show their Spotify username and scores on the generated poster which they can download right on their smartphones or share directly online. 

Spotify and its Streaming Experience

Spotify is still the largest audio streaming platform in the world, and it trumps other rivals and industry giants with the Swedish company’s services which it introduced almost two decades ago, in 2006. Now, the company’s fame is massive, as subscription-based streaming services are at the center now, almost close to reaching a 200 million paying subscriber threshold.

The music streaming app is massive, and it is a platform where artists and labels can release songs, but offers more than that in the app.

Apart from Spotify’s music library, it also holds other novelty experiences including podcasts from content creators who bring in their work to the platform for better distribution and consumption by the public. Additionally, it is also famous for its Audiobook experience where users may listen to narrators reading literary pieces. 

Spotify has an annual tradition of giving people their “Wrapped” summary of the year, along with other apps that bring more information to their listening experience and preferences, also ranking their data. Instafest is one of the latest apps to deliver this for Spotify, one that can generate a person’s fantasy music festival lineup and rank their music preferences. 

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