Khruangbin – A La Sala

Khruangbin - A La Sala
24 Apr 09:00 PM
Until 24 Apr, 10:30 PM 1h 30m

Khruangbin - A La Sala

Organized by JamFest

Khruangbin - A La Sala CD or LP (Soleil) beckons you to peer through a window into a realm of reveries, ethereal skies, and otherworldly gazes, mirroring the introspective journey evoked by the external world. A LA SALA's physical releases each boast exclusive travelogue photographs captured by Marko, lending a personal touch to the visual experience. The black LP edition boasts a custom jacket adorned with handwritten elements by bassist Laura Lee, while the limited vinyl colorway editions showcase a die-cut jacket, unveiling a unique living room scene and window, inviting listeners into an immersive sonic and visual journey.

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