Relive the Dawes In Concert at Newport Folk Festival 2014

Tonight, music lovers are in for a treat as All Things Considered Live presents a special broadcast featuring Dawes in concert at the Newport Folk Festival 2014. Set against the stunning backdrop of Fort Adams State Park in Newport, Rhode Island, this performance captures the essence of one of the most cherished music festivals in the country.

The Newport Folk Festival, steeped in tradition and history, has been a gathering place for music enthusiasts since its inception. In the summer of 2014, the festival welcomed artists and fans alike to celebrate the power of music in a picturesque setting overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

As the sun began to set on that summer evening, Dawes took to the stage to deliver a captivating performance that would leave a lasting impression on all in attendance. Known for their soulful lyrics, heartfelt melodies, and dynamic stage presence, Dawes captivated the audience with their authentic blend of folk, rock, and Americana.

From the opening notes of their set to the final chords of their encore, Dawes showcased their musical prowess and undeniable chemistry as a band. Songs like “When My Time Comes,” “A Little Bit of Everything,” and “From a Window Seat” resonated with the crowd, eliciting sing-alongs and heartfelt applause.

But it wasn’t just the music that made this performance memorable—it was the sense of camaraderie and community that permeated the air. As fans swayed to the music and shared in the collective experience, it was clear that Newport Folk Festival was more than just a concert—it was a gathering of kindred spirits united by a love for music and a desire to connect with others.

Now, years later, listeners have the opportunity to relive the magic of that unforgettable evening as All Things Considered Live presents Dawes in concert at Newport Folk Festival 2014. Tune in tonight to experience the beauty, the energy, and the timeless allure of live music captured in one of its purest forms.

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