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Blackberry Smoke - Homecoming; Live in Atlanta
30 Jul 09:00 PM
Until 30 Jul, 11:45 PM 2h 45m

Blackberry Smoke - Homecoming; Live in Atlanta

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Blackberry Smoke and "Homecoming: Live in Atlanta" (2019)

Blackberry Smoke is an American rock band from Atlanta, Georgia, known for their unique blend of Southern rock, country, blues, and soul. Since their formation in 2000, the band has built a loyal following through their energetic live performances and a series of well-received studio albums.


About Blackberry Smoke

The band consists of:

  • Charlie Starr (lead vocals, guitar)
  • Paul Jackson (guitar, vocals)
  • Richard Turner (bass, vocals)
  • Brandon Still (keyboards)
  • Brit Turner (drums)

Blackberry Smoke's music is often characterized by its rich, layered sound, heartfelt lyrics, and an authentic Southern flair. Their style pays homage to classic Southern rock bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers Band while incorporating modern influences.

39373-100.jpg"Homecoming: Live in Atlanta" (2019)

"Homecoming: Live in Atlanta" is a live album and concert film released in 2019, capturing a dynamic performance by Blackberry Smoke in their hometown. The recording took place at the Tabernacle, a historic venue in Atlanta, and stands as a testament to the band's deep connection with their roots and their dedicated fan base.

Context and Significance: "Homecoming: Live in Atlanta" is more than just a concert recording; it is a celebration of Blackberry Smoke's journey and their relationship with the city that shaped them. The choice of venue, the Tabernacle, is significant. This former church-turned-concert hall is a beloved location for live music in Atlanta, known for its unique architecture and vibrant acoustics.

The Performance

The setlist for "Homecoming: Live in Atlanta" spans Blackberry Smoke's career, featuring a mix of hits, fan favorites, and deeper cuts. The band's performance showcases their musical versatility, blending rock anthems with soulful ballads and rollicking country tunes. Highlights of the setlist include:

  1. Nobody Gives a Damn
  2. Waiting for the Thunder
  3. Pretty Little Lie
  4. Good One Comin' On
  5. Let It Burn
  6. Sleeping Dogs
  7. Run Away from It All
  8. The Whippoorwill
  9. Ain't Got the Blues
  10. Ain't Much Left of Me

Highlights and Impact

One of the standout moments of the concert is the extended jam on "Sleeping Dogs," where the band showcases their instrumental prowess and tight musicianship. The performance is filled with energy, and the band's connection with the audience is palpable. The hometown crowd's enthusiastic response adds an extra layer of excitement to the recording.

The live album and concert film were well-received by both fans and critics, praised for capturing the raw energy and spirit of a Blackberry Smoke live show. The release of "Homecoming: Live in Atlanta" provided a way for fans who couldn't attend the concert to experience the magic of the performance.


"Homecoming: Live in Atlanta" stands as a significant release in Blackberry Smoke's discography. It serves as a reminder of the band's roots and their journey from local favorites to nationally recognized rockers. The album also highlights the band's commitment to live performance as a central element of their identity.

In summary, Blackberry Smoke's "Homecoming: Live in Atlanta" (2019) is a powerful live album and concert film that captures the essence of the band's music and their connection to their hometown. The recording is a celebration of their career and a testament to their ability to deliver an electrifying live performance.

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