Old Man Luedecke – She Told Me Where to Go

Old Man Luedecke - She Told Me Where to Go
03 Jul 09:00 PM
Until 03 Jul, 10:30 PM 1h 30m

Old Man Luedecke - She Told Me Where to Go

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Old Man Luedecke shoves off the dock and sails where he wants to go on his wonderful new albumShe Told Me Where To Go.

Two-time JUNO Award winning folk troubadour Chris "Old Man" Luedecke returns with, She Told Me Where To Go, a compelling voyage through the complexities of mid-life. Written aboard a scallop boat, it’s a profound shift for Luedecke, as he navigates the light and dark of personal growth while grappling with the fleeting nature of modern music consumption.

Produced over two years by Afie Jurvanen (aka Bahamas), She Told Me Where To Go sees Luedecke departing from his signature banjo sound, venturing into new sonic seas. The genesis of this creative rebirth began unexpectedly. "I was just going over to my neighbor’s house to get some scallops for dinner," Luedecke recalls. "Knowing that the live music world had slowed, he asked me if I wanted a job on his boat." Trading the stage for the sea, Luedecke found himself in the North Atlantic, far from his Nova Scotia home, contemplating giving up music altogether.

During his time off the water, Luedecke's family engaged in the rustic tradition of tapping maple trees and hosting sap boils. Frequent visitor Afie Jurvanen sparked a pivotal idea: “What about not playing the banjo on your next record?” Jurvanen, a fan of Luedecke’s songwriting, felt the banjo might overshadow his lyrical depth. This suggestion led Luedecke to explore his music beyond the confines of the instrument that had defined his career.

Embracing this new direction wasn’t easy, but it breathed new life into his creative process. The resulting She Told Me Where to Go showcases Luedecke’s songwriting in a fresh light. Tracks like “Beneath Still Waters” and “One Of These Days” highlight his ability to infuse traditional themes with a new edge, while “The Fugitive” reinterprets Merle Haggard’s classic with Luedecke’s unique touch. The new album is proof that artists can always evolve if they’re not afraid to, a reminder that even in the face of life’s uncertainties, creativity is the map to charting a new course.

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