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Simon and Garfunkel The Concert in Central Park 1981 | Live Nuggets

February 6 @ 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Simon and Garfunkel’s Timeless Reunion: The Concert in Central Park 1981

The Story of Paul Simon's Massive Central Park Concert

In the heart of New York City’s Central Park, on September 19, 1981, music history was made as Simon and Garfunkel, the iconic folk-rock duo, reunited for a historic concert that resonated with the soul of a generation. The Concert in Central Park, a free event that drew an estimated half a million attendees, became a testament to the enduring power of Simon and Garfunkel’s music and their ability to create a shared experience that transcends time.

The Reunion: The Concert in Central Park marked the first time Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel had performed together since their split in 1970. The event was not only a musical reunion but also a symbol of the duo’s impact on the cultural landscape of the 1960s. As dusk settled over the park, the stage was set for a magical night of harmonies, nostalgia, and the timeless melodies that defined a generation.

Iconic Setlist: Simon and Garfunkel’s setlist for the Central Park concert read like a greatest hits compilation, featuring classics that had become anthems of an era. From the opening chords of “Mrs. Robinson” to the poignant strains of “The Sound of Silence,” the duo took the audience on a journey through their unparalleled catalog of songs. Hits like “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “Scarborough Fair/Canticle,” and “Homeward Bound” resonated through the park, eliciting cheers from the massive crowd.

Spectacular Atmosphere: The Concert in Central Park was more than a musical performance; it was a communal experience that brought people from all walks of life together. The atmosphere was electric as half a million voices joined in unison to sing along with Simon and Garfunkel. The iconic setting of Central Park added a touch of magic to the event, creating a backdrop of nature that complemented the duo’s timeless melodies.

Emotional Moments: One of the most emotional moments of the concert came during the performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” The song’s profound lyrics, combined with Art Garfunkel’s angelic vocals and Paul Simon’s acoustic guitar, created a powerful and moving rendition that left a lasting impact on the audience. The song’s message of support and solace resonated deeply with the collective spirit of the crowd.

Legacy and Impact: The Concert in Central Park 1981 not only marked a momentous reunion but also solidified Simon and Garfunkel’s legacy as one of the greatest musical partnerships in history. The live recording of the concert, released as an album and later as a documentary, allowed fans worldwide to experience the magic of that evening. The event continues to be celebrated as a cultural touchstone, capturing the essence of an era through the harmonies of two artists who defined it.

Simon and Garfunkel’s Concert in Central Park 1981 stands as a landmark moment in music history, showcasing the enduring power of their artistry and the indelible impact they had on generations. The reunion not only brought together half a million people in Central Park but also resonated with millions more around the world through recordings and broadcasts. As the duo harmonized beneath the stars, they created a timeless musical tapestry that continues to weave its magic through the fabric of our collective memory.


February 6
9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
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Live Nuggets
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