Little Feat Returns with “Sam’s Place” featured on NRN Radio Show JamFest

Tonight on NRN’s JamFest radio show, Little Feat’s much-anticipated new album, “Sam’s Place,” takes center stage as the band makes a triumphant return after 12 years. This nine-track masterpiece is a celebration of the blues, blending soulful covers with an original piece that showcases Little Feat’s enduring creativity and musical prowess.

Rediscovering the Blues, “Sam’s Place” dives deep into the roots of the blues, a genre that has profoundly shaped Little Feat’s distinctive sound over the decades. The album features a curated selection of blues covers that pay homage to legendary blues artists while infusing each track with the band’s signature style and flair.

Track Highlights, one standout is the original track “Milk Man,” a quintessential Little Feat composition that embodies their bluesy, soulful essence and storytelling prowess. It serves as a testament to the band’s continued ability to innovate and create compelling original material.

The album’s remaining tracks are soulful interpretations of classic blues tunes, reimagined by Little Feat with rich harmonica solos, gritty guitar riffs, and captivating vocals. Each cover is a tribute to the enduring legacy of the blues and Little Feat’s unique interpretation of the genre.

New Members, Renewed Energy, “Sam’s Place” introduces new members Scott Sharrard on guitar and Tony Leone on drums, who seamlessly blend with founding members Bill Payne (keys), Kenny Gradney (bass), Fred Tackett (guitar), and Sam Clayton (percussion and lead vocals). This lineup injects fresh energy into the band’s sound, evident in their cohesive performances throughout the album.

Recording in Memphis, Recorded at the historic Sam Phillips Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, “Sam’s Place” benefits from the studio’s legendary ambiance and acoustics, adding authenticity to the album’s rich sound. The production, overseen by Little Feat and Charles A. Martinez, captures both the raw emotion and technical brilliance of the band.

A Tribute to Sam Clayton, Sam Clayton’s role as lead vocalist is pivotal, his deep, soulful voice perfectly complementing the blues-inspired tracks. His heartfelt performances lend an authenticity and personal touch to “Sam’s Place,” transforming it into more than just an album, but a heartfelt musical journey.

Legacy and Commitment, “Sam’s Place” reaffirms Little Feat’s status as one of America’s great bands, blending respect for musical tradition with their unique musical vision. It’s an album that invites both longtime fans and new listeners to experience the timeless allure of genuine, heartfelt music.

In a musical landscape often characterized by trends, “Sam’s Place” stands out as a testament to the enduring power of the blues and Little Feat’s unwavering dedication to their musical roots. It’s not just an album release; it’s an immersive experience that bridges the past and future of American music.