Moby’s “Always Centered At Night” – A Journey Through Soulful Weirdness and Vocal Brilliance

In his latest album, “Always Centered At Night,” Moby invites listeners on a sonic journey that celebrates the eccentric and soulful dimensions of music. This collection of achingly beautiful, tender-yet-defiant songs pays homage to the unrestricted and enchanting music scene of late ‘70s and early ‘80s New York—a period that significantly influenced Moby as a musician. By collaborating with a diverse lineup of uniquely talented vocalists, Moby crafts an album that is both a tribute to the past and a beacon for the future of music.

A Love Letter to Unconventional Music

“Always Centered At Night” stands out with its 13 collaborations that blend familiar sounds with undiscovered talent. Moby’s directive to his collaborators was simple yet liberating: “Please don’t write anything commercial. Let it be weird. Let it be personal. It doesn’t have to make sense.” This approach results in a collection that defies commercial expectations, embracing the soulful weirdness that defines Moby’s musical ethos.

Highlighted Tracks and Collaborations

  1. “On Air” featuring serpentwithfeet: This breathless daydream of a track showcases serpentwithfeet’s ethereal vocals, set against a backdrop of shimmering, trip-hop-inspired beats. The result is a song that feels both otherworldly and deeply intimate.
  2. “Dark Days” featuring Lady Blackbird: Lady Blackbird’s haunting voice perfectly complements the moody and atmospheric production on this track. Her jazzy, soulful delivery evokes a sense of longing and introspection, making “Dark Days” one of the album’s standout moments.
  3. “Where Is Your Pride?” featuring Benjamin Zephaniah: Poet and activist Benjamin Zephaniah brings a powerful, spoken-word performance to this track, blending the personal and political in a way that is both provocative and poignant. The song’s stark instrumentation allows Zephaniah’s words to take center stage, creating a powerful listening experience.
  4. “We’re Going Wrong” featuring Brie O’Banion: This cover of Cream’s classic track is reimagined with Brie O’Banion’s soulful vocals and a trip-hoppy production that brings a fresh perspective to the song while retaining its emotional core.
  5. “Wild Flame” featuring Danaé Wellington: Sheffield poet laureate Danaé Wellington delivers a stirring performance on this track, her powerful voice rising above a backdrop of lush, cinematic instrumentation. “Wild Flame” is a testament to Moby’s ability to elevate lesser-known artists, giving them a platform to shine.

A Diverse Array of Voices

In addition to the highlighted tracks, the album features captivating performances from artists like Sudanese chanteuse Gaidaa, Burundian royal refugee J.P. Bimeni, and Kingston-raised, London-based Aynzli Jones. Each vocalist brings their unique style and perspective to the album, resulting in a rich tapestry of sounds and stories.

Blurring the Lines Between Personal and Political

The deeply personal songs on “Always Centered At Night” often blur the line between the personal and the political, showcasing a range of styles from the past 30 years of electronic music. From the broken beat, almost drum ‘n’ bass influenced “Medusa” to the Latin house vibes of “Feelings Come Undone,” Moby continues to color outside the lines of conventional sound.

An Uncompromising Vision

Moby explains, “The goal for ‘Always Centered At Night’ is to do something uncompromising – to make music that is emotional, atmospheric, and potentially beautiful. And what better use of this weird privilege I have than trying to foster creative expression that has uncompromising integrity?” This mission is evident throughout the album, as Moby prioritizes artistic expression over commercial success.


“Always Centered At Night” is a testament to Moby’s enduring passion for music and his commitment to showcasing the beauty of human expression in all its forms. By uplifting the next wave of singers and embracing the soulful weirdness of music, Moby has created an album that is both timeless and timely. For fans of Moby’s work and newcomers alike, “Always Centered At Night” offers a mesmerizing listening experience that celebrates the power of collaboration and the magic of music.

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