Don McLean – American Boys

Don McLean - American Boys
12 Jun 09:00 PM
Until 12 Jun, 10:30 PM 1h 30m

Don McLean - American Boys

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Don McLean, the iconic singer-songwriter of "American Pie," returns with a new album, American Boys, a contemporary exploration of America's societal fabric, infused with introspective storytelling.

Don McLean, the man behind "Vincent (Starry Starry Night)" and the timeless classic "American Pie," returns with a new album, American Boys, marking his creative resurgence fifty years after his seminal release. Despite not planning another original album to add to his legacy, the pandemic's unexpected pause provided McLean with the time and reflection to embark on this new project, guided by collaborators like Vip Vipperman and Mike Severs.

Much like the evocative storytelling of "American Pie," American Boys explores contemporary America's complex fabric, spotlighting societal fractures, injustices, and disparities. McLean's introspective approach infuses each track with a blend of commentary and melody that speaks to the nation's pulse.

“This is an album of all new songs,” shares McLean. “The title track, American Boys,' which features the guys from Home Free, is a fun song about the boys who invented rock and roll. America invented this music. Only America invented this music.”

McLean's influence extends far beyond his own recordings, with artists spanning Madonna and George Michael to NOFX and Killdozer doing their own takes on his songs. His remarkable career boasts over 50 million albums sold globally, a Grammy Award, and honors from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Musicians Hall of Fame, and more.

In recent years, McLean's impact has continued to resonate. His classic anthem, "American Pie," remains etched in cultural memory, receiving nods from contemporary icons like Tupac Shakur and adorning soundtracks of major films.

Undeterred by time, McLean's musical odyssey continues to captivate audiences worldwide, with American Boys poised to carry forward his legacy. As the troubadour presses ahead, his indelible mark on American music remains as enduring as ever.

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