Cage The Elephant – Neon Pill

Cage The Elephant - Neon Pill
19 Jun 09:00 PM
Until 26 Jun, 10:30 PM 7d 1h 30m

Cage The Elephant - Neon Pill

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In the eye of the storm, Cage The Elephant has found true power, and Neon Pill serves as a cathartic journey of self-discovery and renewal unlike any other record they’ve made.

Following the success of their Grammy-winning Social Cues in 2019, Cage The Elephant's return to the spotlight is being met with fervor from fans. Led by brothers Matt Shultz on vocals and Brad Shultz on rhythm guitar, with Daniel Tichenor on bass, Jared Champion on drums, Nick Bockrath on lead guitar, and Matthan Minster on guitar, keyboards, and backing vocals, Cage The Elephant have consistently pushed their sound as far as it can go and delivered electrifying songs that leave fans in awe.

Neon Pill starts a new chapter for the band, as they explore fresh territory but also manage to stay true to their signature vibe and raw energy. Matt Shultz reflects on the album's evolution, noting a newfound sense of uninhibited expression and self-discovery. The album shows the band's journey of growth and self-acceptance, culminating in a batch of songs both deeply personal and universally relevant.

From their humble beginnings in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Cage The Elephant have risen to become one of the bigger rock bands of their generation. With numerous gold, platinum, and multiplatinum awards and a string of No. 1 records on alternative and adult alternative radio, their impact on modern rock is without question. But it's their electrifying live show that truly sets them apart, and Neon Pill captures that essence, that unparalleled intensity and emotion, about as well as any studio album can.

Produced by John Hill, Neon Pill was born out of a period of profound loss and upheaval for the band. During the chaos of the pandemic, Matt and Brad Shultz tragically lost their father, while the band grappled with the deaths of friends and Matt's own struggles with depression and mental health. Yet, from the depths of despair emerged a newfound strength and clarity, as the band channeled their experiences into the creation of the album. Recorded at various studios across the country, including Sonic Ranch in El Paso, Electric Lady in New York, Sound Emporium in Nashville, and Echo Mountain in North Carolina, it showcases the band's ability to alchemize pain into art.

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