Jenny Lewis In Concert: Newport Folk 2014

Jenny Lewis In Concert: Newport Folk 2014
24 Jun 07:00 PM
Until 24 Jun, 08:15 PM 1h 15m

Jenny Lewis In Concert: Newport Folk 2014

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Jenny Lewis: A Mesmerizing Performance at Newport Folk 2014

In the summer of 2014, Newport Folk Festival attendees were treated to a spellbinding performance by indie darling Jenny Lewis. Amidst the picturesque backdrop of Newport, Rhode Island, Lewis took to the stage, captivating audiences with her soulful voice, poignant lyrics, and magnetic stage presence.

Fresh off the release of her critically acclaimed album "The Voyager," Lewis' performance at Newport Folk Festival was eagerly anticipated by fans and critics alike. From the moment she stepped onto the stage, it was clear that she was poised to deliver a performance for the ages.

Backed by a talented band of musicians, Lewis launched into a setlist that spanned her illustrious career, from her early days with Rilo Kiley to her latest solo endeavors. Opening with the infectious groove of "Just One of the Guys," Lewis immediately had the crowd swaying and singing along to every word.

As the sun began to set over the Newport waterfront, Lewis' performance only intensified, with highlights including the haunting ballad "She's Not Me" and the anthemic "Head Underwater." Each song was delivered with a raw emotion and vulnerability that resonated deeply with the audience, drawing them further into Lewis' musical world.

One of the standout moments of the evening came when Lewis invited special guest M. Ward to join her on stage for a stirring rendition of "Silver Lining," a beloved track from her time with Rilo Kiley. The chemistry between the two artists was palpable, and their duet left the crowd cheering for more.

Closing out her set with the electrifying "Acid Tongue," Lewis left Newport Folk Festival attendees on a high note, their hearts full and their spirits lifted by her transcendent performance. As the final notes faded into the night, it was clear that Jenny Lewis had once again proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of indie music.

In the years since her unforgettable performance at Newport Folk 2014, Jenny Lewis has continued to captivate audiences around the world with her soulful voice and introspective songwriting. Her legacy as one of the most talented and beloved artists of her generation is firmly cemented, and her influence on the indie music scene will be felt for years to come.

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