Little Feat – Sam’s Place

Little Feat - Sam's Place
10 Jul 09:00 PM
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Little Feat - Sam's Place

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Little Feat Announces First New Album in 12 Years, "Sam's Place"

Little Feat has made a triumphant return with their first new album in 12 years, "Sam's Place." This nine-track masterpiece is a heartfelt homage to the blues, blending soulful covers with an original piece that stands as a testament to the band's enduring creativity and musicianship.

"Sam's Place" sees Little Feat delving deep into the roots of the blues, a genre that has significantly influenced their sound over the decades. The album features a carefully curated selection of blues covers that pay respect to the genre's legends while also showcasing the unique flair that Little Feat brings to their music.

Track Highlights

  1. Milk Man: The sole original track on the album, "Milk Man," is a standout. It encapsulates the essence of Little Feat’s sound—bluesy, soulful, and rich with storytelling. This song is a fresh addition that proves the band still has a lot to offer in terms of original material.
  2. Blues Covers: The remaining eight tracks are carefully chosen blues covers, each performed with the band's signature style. These covers are not just renditions but reimaginations that breathe new life into classic blues songs. From the mournful wails of the harmonica to the gritty guitar riffs, each track is a tribute to the timelessness of the blues.

The album marks the introduction of new members Scott Sharrard on guitar and Tony Leone on drums, who seamlessly blend with the veteran members—Bill Payne (keys), Kenny Gradney (bass), Fred Tackett (guitar), and Sam Clayton (percussion and lead vocals). This lineup brings a renewed energy and dynamic to the band, evident in their cohesive sound and spirited performances throughout the album.

Recorded at the historic Sam Phillips Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, "Sam's Place" benefits from the rich, authentic ambiance of a studio that has hosted countless legendary recordings. The production, handled by Little Feat and Charles A. Martinez, is crisp and clear, capturing the raw emotion and technical brilliance of the band.

A Tribute to Sam Clayton

Sam Clayton’s role as the lead vocalist is a highlight of the album. His deep, soulful voice is perfectly suited to the blues, and his performances bring a heartfelt sincerity to each track. Clayton's connection to the material is palpable, making "Sam's Place" not just a collection of songs, but a deeply personal project.

"Sam's Place" is a triumphant return for Little Feat, reaffirming their place in the pantheon of great American bands. The album is a journey through the blues, showcasing the band's respect for the genre and their ability to infuse it with their unique sound. For fans old and new, "Sam's Place" is a must-listen—a testament to Little Feat's enduring legacy and their unwavering commitment to their musical roots.

In a world where music often feels transient, "Sam's Place" is a reminder of the power of the blues and the timeless appeal of genuine, heartfelt music. Little Feat has not just released an album; they've crafted an experience that honors the past while looking confidently to the future.

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