Lenny Kravitz – Blue Electric Light

Lenny Kravitz - Blue Electric Light
26 Jun 09:00 PM
Until 26 Jun, 10:30 PM 1h 30m

Lenny Kravitz - Blue Electric Light

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There’s no one word to aptly describe Lenny Kravitz’s new album Blue Electric Light, but timeless, explosive, romantic, and inspiring are all good places to start.

Lenny Kravitz’s command of deep-soul rock 'n' roll is indisputable, and his relentless drive as a musician, writer, producer, actor, author, and designer makes him a dynamic presence in music, art, and culture at large. On Blue Electric Light, those various talents shine as Kravitz wrote and played most of the instruments himself, with the indispensable help of longtime guitarist Craig Ross. In total it’s an impassioned collection of songs that only adds to the legacy of a man whose music and singular style continues to inspire fans and peers everywhere.

Led by the tracks "TK421” and "Human," Blue Electric Light is Kravitz's first full-length studio album in five years and his first-ever double LP. Kravitz recorded the album in his studio in the Bahamas, allowing him to avoid the pressure of watching the studio clock, giving him time to marinate in the deep-soul rock 'n' roll that’s become his trademark. "TK421” is a heady blend of ecstatic funk guitars, robotic analog synths, wheezy talkbox, dancefloor beats, a fiery saxophone solo, and clever nods to Boogie Nights and Star Wars. It packs a punch right out of the gate, pacing the fast-paced rock 'n' roll energy of the album. Reflecting on "Human," Kravitz says, "This song means so much to me, it's about all of us. We are all in this, we are here to be human, we are all spiritual beings, and in the human spirit, the journey is beautiful."

Over his three-decade-plus career, Lenny Kravitz has released eleven studio albums, sold over 40 million records worldwide, and risen above genre, style, race, and class. Reveling in the soul, rock, and funk influences of the sixties and seventies to create his own sound, Kravitz has won four Grammy Awards and holds the record for the most wins in the Best Male Rock Vocal Performance category. On Blue Electric Light, Kravitz continues to do what he does best and at the same time explores new musical terrain, all the while reaffirming his role as a unique artist in the world of rock 'n' roll.

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